SIREN Ring | Gold + Labradorite


Our signature SIREN ring features a hand-textured, lightly distressed finish and modern silhouette - an aesthetic both refined and organic, classic yet fashion-forward. Plated in 24k yellow gold with an antiqued patina, its rose-cut facets of natural Labradorite shimmer with iridescent shades of pale blue, lavender and soft gray.

SIREN’s elegant and versatile design is intended for everyday wear, ensuring our discreet patent-pending technology is instantly accessible whenever needed. Upon activation, SIREN protects the wearer by emitting a piercing 110+ decibel alarm intended to startle and deter those who pose an imminent physical threat. For care and activation instructions, see How SIREN Works.

Diameter: Approx. 1 inch Height: Sits about 2/3 inch tall
Weight: Approx. 1.2oz Custom USB charger included
Water and heat resistant Activates within 2 seconds in an emergency

Available in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. View and print actual size Ring Size Chart

Note: SIREN selects only natural, unenhanced, untreated stones for their distinctiveness, vibrancy and superior quality. Veining or delicate waves, areas of translucence or occasional patches of lighter/darker color are part of the gemstone's natural growth pattern, and we feel greatly enhance the character of each ring. No two SIREN rings are ever exactly alike, so please allow for variations. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

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