How SIREN Works

To ensure maximum output and performance, it is important to fully charge your SIREN Ring prior to initial use.
For more details and guidelines, please visit Charging Instructions and Product Care.

Siren Ring Activation Illustration

When to Use SIREN

We strongly recommend SIREN only be activated in threatening or potentially dangerous situations where you are fearful for your personal safety.

SIREN discreetly houses a startling, unbearably loud alarm that can be activated in less than 2 seconds. SIREN may serve as a powerful deterrent during the first few critical moments of an attack, or whenever you feel a protective advantage is necessary.

While the alarm is audible from more than 50 feet away, SIREN is specifically designed to repel a close and aggressive threat, not to alert distant assistance. 



To activate SIREN, the wearer simply twists the top of the ring 60 degrees counterclockwise (left) until the top locks firmly into position and can no longer rotate. Once activated, there is a delay of 1.5 seconds to allow the wearer to cancel the process by rotating the ring top clockwise until it clicks back into its original “off” position. This must be done immediately to prevent accidental activation. If uninterrupted, the ring will enter alarm mode, generating a piercing sound exceeding 110 decibels (in close proximity) for a programmed duration only disclosed to the wearer.



SIREN produces a high-pitched sound intended to be jarring and extremely unpleasant if positioned too close to the ear. SIREN is acoustically designed to project sound outward and away from the wearer through the apertures (holes) along the top of the ring. Upon activation, immediately extend or position your hand to ensure the face of the gemstone is directed toward the head and upper body of the intended target. For maximum effectiveness, it is important to remember that the area directly in front of your ring will feel the greatest impact of SIREN’s alarm, so always position the top of the ring away from yourself.

SIREN ring soundwaves

Manual Shutoff

Once your activated ring has entered alarm mode, you may manually shut off the alarm before automatic shutoff occurs.

Your activated ring will be in the "on" position. To interrupt the alarm: Rotate the top of the ring all the way to the right or “off position” and continue rotating the top of your ring back to the left, and then right - continuing to twist back and forth for a total of 6.5 rotations (back-and-forth= 1 rotation), ending in the original "off" (right turn) position.


The sequence should be as follows: Right-Left-Right | Left-Right | Left-Right | Left-Right | Left-Right | Left-Right.


Gavin de Becker, bestselling author, The Gift of Fear

“A criminal predator chooses the time and environment he feels will serve him best. The SIREN ring provides a resource that can add a powerful and unexpected sound to the environment - a piercing sound that can change the dynamic between attacker and target. Disrupting an attacker’s belief that he has advantage, even for an instant, might provide the opportunity to run, counter attack, draw the attention of people who can help, or persuade an attacker to withdraw altogether.”