Beautiful. Powerful. Smart. This is the central idea behind SIREN, a New York City-based company that has re-imagined the idea of personal safety by delivering powerful and smart technology through fashion-forward accessories. Paying equal attention to form and function, style and strength, SIREN is a brand that cares as much about creating beautiful jewelry as it does about protecting the women who wear it. We understand that for most women, the threat of physical assault is not an abstract fear, but rather a real concern that impacts our daily lives. SIREN strives to better equip women when responding to situations of probable danger by providing a safer, reliable, and more immediate alternative to conventional defense methods.


SIREN officially launched in November 2014 with a line of statement rings that, quite simply, look like stylish and sophisticated accessories—jewelry that would be just as attractive without the added functionality. It is what’s discreetly hidden within each ring that makes SIREN not only a beloved piece of jewelry, but also important in an entirely new way.

By concealing miniature patented technology—which, when activated, emits a shockingly loud alarm—inside jewelry, SIREN empowers women by providing them with the critical seconds needed to startle, overwhelm and deter an assailant, and potentially prevent the escalation of an attack.

SIREN’s unique ability to seamlessly integrate into your everyday lifestyle and routine makes it the only personal safety device that is completely accessible and safe to use in any environment. And unlike weapons, SIREN can’t be used against you. 

SIREN | Designed to be beautiful. Engineered to protect.



Like most women born and raised in Manhattan, Kat Alexander has a certain level of street smarts, an innate savvy that has served her well in many situations. Still, when a man approached her on a desolate street in her college town and began to deliberately block her path, Kat immediately felt helpless and afraid. Luckily a crisis was averted and no harm was done, except the lingering concern of how she could have protected herself had the incident taken a physical turn. She envisioned a wearable alarm that could be hidden in plain sight, a resource that could deter an attacker and—unlike mace and other weapons—was instantly accessible and easy to activate. That night, the idea for SIREN was born.

Luckily for Kat, she had a direct line to a renowned expert with 50 years experience in computer, security, and audio technology: her father, Howard Alexander. Over the next year, Howard developed the advanced miniaturized technology that now powers SIREN. Kat worked closely with mechanical, electrical and acoustic engineers throughout the development process while coordinating with designers and manufacturers to create the most aesthetically appealing and powerful product possible.

Together, the Alexanders share a simple mission for SIREN: To design beautiful accessories that double as powerful and smart safety devices—and, of course, to empower those who wear them.