Charging Instructions and Product Care

Charging Instructions

Every SIREN comes with a custom charger that can be attached to any USB-compliant Type A connector. When you first receive your SIREN, it is necessary to fully charge your ring before initial use, and once activated, it must be fully recharged prior to subsequent activation. 
When between uses, we recommend charging your ring every couple of weeks, and performing the simple battery confidence periodically to ensure your ring is always fully powered. 



  1. Turn the ring over to expose three small holes at the base of your ring.
  2. Depress the charger spring and slide the charger into the circular area (where the ring slides onto your finger).
  3. Snap the charger's three protruding metal pins into the ring's corresponding holes.

You will hear a connecting beep as the charger clicks into position. A RED light on the end of your charger indicates the ring is charging. Once your ring is fully charged, the light will turn GREEN and your ring is ready to be worn.

To separate your charger from the ring, simply squeeze the charging lever and gently detach the charging pins from the ring (you will hear one beep as the charger disconnects). We recommend you store the charger in your SIREN Ring box for future use.

Battery Confidence Test

As a precaution, you may perform a battery confidence test at any time to check if your SIREN Ring is fully powered, or running low and in need of recharging.

  1. Turn the top of the ring counter-clockwise until it stops (Note: be prepared to quickly twist the top clockwise back into the original “off” position).
  2. After a moment, you will hear either: two beeps, indicating that the battery is fully charged, or one beep, indicating the need to recharge. 
  3. Upon hearing the beeps, immediately rotate the top clockwise to turn it off and to prevent your SIREN ring from entering alarm mode.


Reminder: Always return your ring to the original “off” (right twist) position when not in use and after activation. After an activated ring has run for the programmed duration, the ring must still manually be turned back to the original “off” position for future use. If your ring remains in the “on” (left twist) position for an extended time, the ring will produce a loud chirp every few minutes to alert you to turn your ring off, and prevent the power from draining completely.


Please note that SIREN is most effective within 3 feet (36 inches) of the intended target.

We strongly recommend SIREN only be activated in threatening or potentially dangerous situations where you are fearful for your personal safety.

Given the significant volume of the SIREN alarm, it is essential that SIREN be used only as intended.
This product is not a toy or intended to be used by children.

Product Care

The patent-pending technology that powers SIREN is water and heat/humidity-resistant, and designed for everyday wear. However, prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, excessive force and humidity may, over time, affect the efficacy of our product. In order to extend the lifespan of your ring, and ensure optimal performance whenever activation is necessary, please avoid submersion in liquids or banging/dropping your ring against hard surfaces that may lead to corrosion or compromise the internal electronics. When not in use, we recommend storing your SIREN in its original box or similarly secure packaging to keep out dust and moisture.